Friday, November 1, 2013

TSG Sinner's Hunt: Greed

Alrighty, so what's PixyStix been up to?  Well, I'm a slacker.  Well not actually I just recently started getting into making clothes myself and its been taking up a lot of time.  So I am here to redeem myself.  

The skin I am wearing in this pic is from the TSG Sinner's Hunt: Greed that just started up today and will be going til the 28th, so that means you have 28 days to go snag it up.  You're looking for a small wad of cash. This skin would be perfect to keep around for St. Patty's Day.  Yeah, I know its a way off but still think you'll be prepared.

Hair: Beatice (Lucky Chair, 4 Minutes, Free) @ Tameless

Skin: Hayden Greed (TGS: Sinner's Hunt: Greed, Stop # 13) @ PixyStix

Outfit: Nightside Green TGS: Sinner's Hunt: Greed, Stop # 11) @

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