Thursday, September 26, 2013

Seek Peek & Limited Edition

PixyStix has a lot going on in the month of October.

The first pictures gives you a seek peek @ the skin that will be available @ Room 69 on the first of October.  Along with the dress that is for sale @ The Boobie Planet.  This dress is just in time for Halloween and fits with the skin made for the Room 69 event perfectly.

The second picture is LIMITED edition items.  There are only 22 more bodysuits available (it comes with leggings, but can worn without) & 45 skins left available and they are selling like hotcakes.  Once they are gone they are GONE...

Pic # 1

Skin: Penelope 69L by PixyStix @ Room 69

Dress: Dea Tacita Orange 50L @ Boobie Planet

Pic # 2 & 3

Outfit: Starrynite 99L @ PixyStix

Skin: Penelope Starlight 250L @ PixyStix

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