Thursday, June 6, 2013

Summer Events

So my first post is about 2 events that PixyStix is involved with...

The skin is from the Beach Party @ The Wash Event going on.  Everything at that event is 10L EXCEPT one item the designers get to put out for 50L.  So Pixy decided to put out Gabriella Beachie.  50L for a PixyStix skin is a fucking deal.  If you are a fan of PixyStix you know what I'm jawing... She doesn't just give you a skin with a cleavage option.  She gives you the option of abs, no abs, brow color, brow shape, lashes, AND its boobie friendly of course.  I prefer and mostly blog the abs.  Lordy do I love my abs.  Anyway back to blogging....

She is also involved with the Midsummer Night's Fantasies Gacha event going on June 6-27.  You're trying to get these awesome bikini's.  They are dead unicorns & each try will cost ya 25L.  I'm showing you the rarest of all.  

We are working on a whole bunch of things around here.  Stay tuned for all the new developments....

Hair:  (Free) by Alli & Ali Designs @ Marketplace
Skin: Gabriella Beachie 50L by PixyStix @ Beach Cart Sale
Bikini: Unicorn (25L a try) by PixyStix @ Midsummer Night's Fantasties Gacha

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