Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ok so I like a challenge and anyone who knows me knows that, lol. So Aisling putting together a 'Black Swan' style outfit and looking for the perfect skin. So the little bulb goes off in my head while she's putting together her outfit and I get to work in photshop. And so heres what I came up with! This is Black Swan inspired skin made specifically for Aisling. We did however decide we would sell 20 of these in the store, called 'Nina'. As of right now, no demos have been uploaded, but IM me and I'll be more than happy to demo in person for you. This is done with my Milky Way skin tone (for those of you that have tried the demo's).

The next thing we have a few hunts going on. This first one is for the Summer Preview Hunt. This is a Charleston Chew color (bronze ish shade).

And the last Hunt skin to mention right now is the Garden Tea Party Skin. It has bright red lis, subtle silver shadow and a flower design over lay on the eye. Beautiful Caramel tone.

Thats all for now!
~Pixy Snook~

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  1. damn, that black swan skin is amazing!!!! Good job, Pixy!