Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hello Blogging world

Ok so I'm a new blogger, but an SL addict. I kind of figured they might go together. I am a shopping addict in SL , which helps to alleviate the need for RL shopping, if that makes any sense. I enjoy my virtual barbie doll very much!! She has her own house, clothes, hair and skins. OMG to I love being able to change on a whim. I've met soooooo many interesting peoples. To tell you the truth, the world really is a small place.
So onto my addictions and my first blog. I have recently fallen in love with skinning and with skinning comes poses. So here are some of my favorite poses, ever!! I fell in love with this place immediately. Its called Lost Angel! and the stuff here was absolutely Amazing! I had to leave though, I would have spent all my linden. Also in the pictures I'm wearing my own personally developed skins, which are for sale currently on the Marketplace (search for Pixy Stix). But I'm not here to talk about those right now. More details will be coming soon, as well as a small in world store, hopefully. And just to get all of the other details out of the way, the hair is from Lamb (DIY Haircut), Shirt is from [sYs], shoes are from A-BOMB (Gidge Shoes in Zebra, color change with 11 color options), the nails were from [U&R DOGS] on the Twisted Hunt, the skins are by ~Pixy Stix~ and are on the marketplace and the pants....well they were from I don't remember where. I don't know how to do the linky thing with slurls yet.....give me time, lol.

Ok, back to Lost Angel. First, all the items there cry take me home, becarful, you have been warned.
I fell in love with this the moment I saw it. I wandered around the whole store thinking should I? Of course I did... 
[LA] Mannequin #1 (Female)
3 piece set if you buy all of them.

I also bought the [LA] 5 Modern Photo Prop Puffs, this comes in 5 colors, Black, Fuschia, Grey, Red and White. Its copy, so no worries about losing it. It has 10 poses contained within it, and it was under 500L, amazing, I was seriously speechless, which for anyone who knows me, is a hard thing to do.

So, this is pose 1 on the Fuschia puff.

And this is pose 2

Pose 3

Pose 4

Pose 5

Pose 6

Pose 7
This is the only one I had an issue with.
I could not get my arm to come out of my leg.

Pose 8

Pose 9

Pose 10

And the last thing I got from my venture to Lost Angel, a free gift. I ♥ Gifts. And this one is perfect.
Poltergiest watch out!!
Out of the Box

In the Box!!

Leaving withough buying everything was very difficult. But this is a store I plan to stalk often. Theres some great Murder scenes and Halloween funness to be had here as well. No potos while your there, so make a LM and check back often!!

So I do believe thats the end of my first blog. I do intend on doing thing at least once a week. Lets see what kind of trouble I can get into.

*Smooches & Love*
~Pixy Stix~
(feel free to contact me in Second Life - Pixy Snook)

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