Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Busy as a Bee!

So it's spring and I've been a busy little bee over at Scratch Skins & Shapes. The store is fast approaching opening day - May 1st!! Some skins are up and ready to buy, more to come soon! A little bit about the store, we sell skins (made by me, Pixy) as well as eyes and shapes (made by Aisling Caiben). You can find our store here Scratch Skins & Shapes. In this picture below, the skin Grape soda had its reveal, lol.

Summer fun @ Finesmith!
 We will have 2 hunts going on in May, and 2 or 3 hunts going on in June. Each hunt will have its very own skin design, dedicated to the theme. What they're going to look like yet I'm not sure. Long term I plan on submitting full fat packs as hunt gifties, but for now my itty bitty SL budget only allows for single tones.

The first line of skins being released are called "Candy Couture", all of them are candy or sweet related, with names such as Skittles, Grape Soda and Spree. About 7 more to come in that skin line. I plan on releasing sets of 10 in each individual line and pictures will be posted here as well as on Aisling's Flicker
This skin here is called 'Grape Soda'. Its Purple and Glittery and oodles of fun!I paired this with a cute little fairy number I got from Angelwing some time back when she was running a hunt on it. That happens there often, and its worth it, the items are always fabulous! The hair is from this new little shop called Milana, well its new to me anyway.This skin comes in 10 different shades.

Grape Soda in Twix *Close up*
 This skin I've called 'Spree'. You know like those tart little candies with the candy coating? Mmmmm. This one has blue tinted lips, a blue shadow base, black eyeliner and lashes and rainbow speckled eyeshadow. The hair in this picture the hair is from Truth called Berry and the flower is color change! The dress is from Agnes Finney called Lu, perfect for summer. All jewelry is from *Finesmith Designs*, I'm an addict of everything there! Great items and most color change options (like gems and the metal used).

   Spree in Milky Way tone

I would not have been able to accomplish any of this without Aisling. Who knew CStar would bring together such a perfect pairing. More to come soon!!

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