Friday, December 30, 2011

I'm a slacker

I'm such a slacker with posting....

New things though!!

Apocalyptic New Years Hunt 2012 PixyStix

Punk Zombie Attack
Ready to Rumble
For Darling Nikky!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ok so I like a challenge and anyone who knows me knows that, lol. So Aisling putting together a 'Black Swan' style outfit and looking for the perfect skin. So the little bulb goes off in my head while she's putting together her outfit and I get to work in photshop. And so heres what I came up with! This is Black Swan inspired skin made specifically for Aisling. We did however decide we would sell 20 of these in the store, called 'Nina'. As of right now, no demos have been uploaded, but IM me and I'll be more than happy to demo in person for you. This is done with my Milky Way skin tone (for those of you that have tried the demo's).

The next thing we have a few hunts going on. This first one is for the Summer Preview Hunt. This is a Charleston Chew color (bronze ish shade).

And the last Hunt skin to mention right now is the Garden Tea Party Skin. It has bright red lis, subtle silver shadow and a flower design over lay on the eye. Beautiful Caramel tone.

Thats all for now!
~Pixy Snook~

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Busy as a Bee!

So it's spring and I've been a busy little bee over at Scratch Skins & Shapes. The store is fast approaching opening day - May 1st!! Some skins are up and ready to buy, more to come soon! A little bit about the store, we sell skins (made by me, Pixy) as well as eyes and shapes (made by Aisling Caiben). You can find our store here Scratch Skins & Shapes. In this picture below, the skin Grape soda had its reveal, lol.

Summer fun @ Finesmith!
 We will have 2 hunts going on in May, and 2 or 3 hunts going on in June. Each hunt will have its very own skin design, dedicated to the theme. What they're going to look like yet I'm not sure. Long term I plan on submitting full fat packs as hunt gifties, but for now my itty bitty SL budget only allows for single tones.

The first line of skins being released are called "Candy Couture", all of them are candy or sweet related, with names such as Skittles, Grape Soda and Spree. About 7 more to come in that skin line. I plan on releasing sets of 10 in each individual line and pictures will be posted here as well as on Aisling's Flicker
This skin here is called 'Grape Soda'. Its Purple and Glittery and oodles of fun!I paired this with a cute little fairy number I got from Angelwing some time back when she was running a hunt on it. That happens there often, and its worth it, the items are always fabulous! The hair is from this new little shop called Milana, well its new to me anyway.This skin comes in 10 different shades.

Grape Soda in Twix *Close up*
 This skin I've called 'Spree'. You know like those tart little candies with the candy coating? Mmmmm. This one has blue tinted lips, a blue shadow base, black eyeliner and lashes and rainbow speckled eyeshadow. The hair in this picture the hair is from Truth called Berry and the flower is color change! The dress is from Agnes Finney called Lu, perfect for summer. All jewelry is from *Finesmith Designs*, I'm an addict of everything there! Great items and most color change options (like gems and the metal used).

   Spree in Milky Way tone

I would not have been able to accomplish any of this without Aisling. Who knew CStar would bring together such a perfect pairing. More to come soon!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Special Easter Hunt Skins!!

So I'm in a Hunt at Mostly Harmless
There are several prizes, find em all!!

I released a female and a male version for this hunt, guys need lovin too. This is only available during the hunt. So get em while you can.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Something New and Exciting - SKINS!!

Ok so huge news!! New skin line will be out soon. I don't know how many of you followed cStar Skins, but I was an addict. I have tons of em. So anyway, the cStar Skin line was a HUGE inspiration to me. I studied those lil buggers. I just wanted to show some pictures of whats coming up!

I plan on having limited skins. Who wants to look the same as everyone else? No fun I say, no fun at all!! A huge HUGE help in all this is Aisling Caiben, cStar brought our talents together. I also plan on being rather avant-garde, twisted and fruity....if you can figure out that mix more power to you. Soooo listed below is a sneak peek into my skin world. Enjoy!

This is the Milky Way tone from my new line 'Sabrina'. It will come in every tone, Marshmallow through Special Dark. In case you hadn't figured, my skin tone names are insprired by candy, yum!!
Aisling Caiben in Sabrina Milky Way Tone
Photo 1

Aisling Caiben in Sabrina Milky Way Tone
Photo 2

Ok and next is still a work in progress. This is Skittles beta, lol. Its unfinished but will be soon :)

Aisling Caiben in Skittles Beta
Photo 1

Aisling Caiben in Skittles Beta
Photo 2

Pixy Snook in Skittles Beta
No Eye Makeup
photo 1

Pixy Snook in Skittles Beta
Smoke & Pink Shadow
Photo 4

I'm having entirely too much fun with all this. Been working on my stuff forever it seems. I've been going to skin fairs, buying skins all over! I am seriously a skin addict.
*Smooches Everyone*

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hello Blogging world

Ok so I'm a new blogger, but an SL addict. I kind of figured they might go together. I am a shopping addict in SL , which helps to alleviate the need for RL shopping, if that makes any sense. I enjoy my virtual barbie doll very much!! She has her own house, clothes, hair and skins. OMG to I love being able to change on a whim. I've met soooooo many interesting peoples. To tell you the truth, the world really is a small place.
So onto my addictions and my first blog. I have recently fallen in love with skinning and with skinning comes poses. So here are some of my favorite poses, ever!! I fell in love with this place immediately. Its called Lost Angel! and the stuff here was absolutely Amazing! I had to leave though, I would have spent all my linden. Also in the pictures I'm wearing my own personally developed skins, which are for sale currently on the Marketplace (search for Pixy Stix). But I'm not here to talk about those right now. More details will be coming soon, as well as a small in world store, hopefully. And just to get all of the other details out of the way, the hair is from Lamb (DIY Haircut), Shirt is from [sYs], shoes are from A-BOMB (Gidge Shoes in Zebra, color change with 11 color options), the nails were from [U&R DOGS] on the Twisted Hunt, the skins are by ~Pixy Stix~ and are on the marketplace and the pants....well they were from I don't remember where. I don't know how to do the linky thing with slurls yet.....give me time, lol.

Ok, back to Lost Angel. First, all the items there cry take me home, becarful, you have been warned.
I fell in love with this the moment I saw it. I wandered around the whole store thinking should I? Of course I did... 
[LA] Mannequin #1 (Female)
3 piece set if you buy all of them.

I also bought the [LA] 5 Modern Photo Prop Puffs, this comes in 5 colors, Black, Fuschia, Grey, Red and White. Its copy, so no worries about losing it. It has 10 poses contained within it, and it was under 500L, amazing, I was seriously speechless, which for anyone who knows me, is a hard thing to do.

So, this is pose 1 on the Fuschia puff.

And this is pose 2

Pose 3

Pose 4

Pose 5

Pose 6

Pose 7
This is the only one I had an issue with.
I could not get my arm to come out of my leg.

Pose 8

Pose 9

Pose 10

And the last thing I got from my venture to Lost Angel, a free gift. I ♥ Gifts. And this one is perfect.
Poltergiest watch out!!
Out of the Box

In the Box!!

Leaving withough buying everything was very difficult. But this is a store I plan to stalk often. Theres some great Murder scenes and Halloween funness to be had here as well. No potos while your there, so make a LM and check back often!!

So I do believe thats the end of my first blog. I do intend on doing thing at least once a week. Lets see what kind of trouble I can get into.

*Smooches & Love*
~Pixy Stix~
(feel free to contact me in Second Life - Pixy Snook)